Dave Zanotti
Rob Walgate
Melanie Elsey

Staff of the American Policy Roundtable, The Public Square® and iVoters.com®:

Alan Duncan (Executive Producer, The Public Square®)
Melanie Elsey (National Legislative Director)
Sherry Eyssen (Administrative Associate)
Patty Marountas (Administrator)
Mark Mattson (Accounting)
Elaine Merritt (Research Associate)
Jeff Sanders (Panelist on The Public Square®)
Wayne Shepherd (Co-Host of The Public Square®)
Suzanne Robbins (Administrative Associate)
Rob Walgate
(Vice President of the American Policy Roundtable, Project Manager of iVoters.com®)
Anna Welch (Creative Director)
David Zanotti (President/CEO)

Legal Services: Webster, Chamberlain and Bean, Washington, D.C.

Board of Trustees: Available upon written request

Corporate Offices in: Medina, Ohio; Nashville, Tennessee; and Orlando, Florida