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For the Common Good
By David Zanotti

A deer in the headlights of denial

The Philosophy of Science and Medicine
By Dr. Charles McGowen

Affordable Care, Atheism and Astrophysics

A Moment in History
By Dr. Jeff Sanders

Just As I Am

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Parkland Denials
February 23, 2018
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The Public Square® on Global Warming

The Public Square
2 Minute Format
Total Programs: 21

Is Cap and Trade a Good Idea?

Cap and Tax II

Cap and Tax I

Goodbye Jack Bauer

Did You Cause Global Warming?

Cap and Trade

Will Republicans stand up for the truth?

Climate Change is Killing U.S.

Global Warming Bandwagon

The Price of Bread, Part II

The Price of Bread, Part I

Global Intelligent Warming

The Planet Has A Fever

When Global Warming Hurts

Henny Penny Was Wrong! - The Global Warming Debate

A Debate Challenge - Arguments Against Global Warming

How Green is Charlie?

A Little Self-Criticism

Arnold on Global Warming

Light Bulb Ideas! - Arguments Against Global Warming

Global Warming on Capitol Hill

The Public Square
Long Format Program
Total Programs: 12

Coloring Outside the Lines
December 05, 2009

Global Warming Uproar
August 06, 2008

Global Warming: The Death Wish Continues
June 12, 2008

Environmentalism is Killing Us
May 20, 2008

The Great Global Warmup
February 01, 2008

Global Warming/The State of The Public Square
November 16, 2007

A Real Expert on Global Warming
August 27, 2007

Global Warming - More to Know
August 22, 2007

What If They Are Wrong?: A Discussion on Global Warming
August 14, 2007

An Expert's View on Global Warming
April 25, 2007

Andre Bernier on the Great Global Warmup
April 20, 2007

The Great Global Warmup
April 12, 2007