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For the Common Good
By David Zanotti

A deer in the headlights of denial

The Philosophy of Science and Medicine
By Dr. Charles McGowen

Affordable Care, Atheism and Astrophysics

A Moment in History
By Dr. Jeff Sanders

Just As I Am

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Parkland Denials
February 23, 2018
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The Public Square® on School Choice

The Public Square
2 Minute Format
Total Programs: 88

School Choice 101

Taking Kids Vouchers Away

School Choice: A Real Story

Like William Wilberforce All Over - School Choice Ohio

A Letter Revealed

Picking a Fight with the Powerful - School Choice Ohio

Picking on Poor Kids Part III

Picking on Poor Kids Part II - School Choice Ohio

Picking on Poor Kids

School Choice Works

School Choice Expansion

School Choice in Ohio


Florida Supreme Court and Vouchers

School Choice Update

The Endurance of School Choice

Public Schools and School Choice

A Phone Call for Choice

More Choices for Parents

School Choice Expansion

Taft's School Choice Expansion?

School Choice

Ohio in the News

Destroying Public Education - School Choice Vouchers

North Carolina Charter Schools

Ohio Charter Schools

School Voucher Update

Parents' Right to Choose

The ACLU Attacks in Ohio

What I Learned In Court

Another Lesson From Court

Big Fight in Ohio

Choice and Separation

WSJ Children's Crusade

Scholarship Rescue Fund

School Choice Survey

Giving School Choice a Chance in Ohio

The Power of One Judge

School Choice Update

Home School Success

Home Schooling: An American Tradition

Ohio Leading In School Choice

Ohio Supreme Court & School Choice

Ohio School Choice Legislation

Parents' Right To School Choice

Politics Or Children-Who's More Important?

School Choice - Ohio Pilot Program

Legalized School Choice in Ohio

Three Cheers/Parental Rights Bill

U.S. Supreme Court and Choice - Wisconsin Case

State Audit of Cleveland Public Schools (Part 1)

State Audit of Cleveland Public Schools (Part 2)

State Audit of Cleveland Public Schools (Part 3)

Answer To Prayer - School Choice in Ohio

Are School Choice Vouchers Unconstitutional?

2 for 1

Colson on School Choice II

Funding Religious Institutions

Funding Religious Institutions

Before the Supreme Court

Oral Arguments I

Meeting the President

The Washington Post on School Choice

School Choice and the Supreme Court

The King and the Kids

Winning in the Supreme Court

The Future of School Choice

School Choice in Colorado

Does the President Have a Clue?

Voucher King

Oral Arguments II

Education Reform - Carnegie Study

School Choice Vouchers - The Trojan Horse

School Choice Debate Won

HB 602

School Choice Costs Update

Back to School

Cincinnati Decision

Colson on School Choice I

What You Can Do

Under Budget

SC to the USSC

Attorney General Betty Montgomery

Help May Be On the Way

School Choice Fears

School Choice Results

School Choice Gains Traction

Abraham and School Choice

The Public Square
Long Format Program
Total Programs: 14

The Power of School Choice
August 15, 2014

Rally Around Virginia
November 05, 2008

David Brennan: Pioneer of School Choice
September 19, 2008

School Choice Victories
June 03, 2008

Helping Kids Learn - Part II
April 25, 2008

An Opportunity to Succeed Part I - Interview with Piper Tate
December 03, 2007

Dedicated to Student Success: Interview with Bert Holt
November 23, 2007

Helping Kids Learn Part II: An Interview with Lydia Harris
October 30, 2007

Helping Kids Learn Part I: An Interview with Lydia Harris
October 29, 2007

A School Choice Story: An Interview with Maura Wyrock
October 16, 2007

Hillary Clinton Comments on School Choice
June 07, 2007

An OEA Update and More on School Choice
April 23, 2007

The Latest on School Choice
April 18, 2007

Virginia Walden Ford on School Choice
April 09, 2007