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For the Common Good
By David Zanotti

Please don't get fooled

The Philosophy of Science and Medicine
By Dr. Charles McGowen

Affordable Care, Atheism and Astrophysics

A Moment in History
By Dr. Jeff Sanders

Darkest Hour

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The Public Square

Oprah's Golden Globe Speech
January 22, 2018
2 Minute Format Archive

The Politics of Shame
January 19, 2018
60 Minute Format Archive

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The Public Square® on Judicial Activism

The Public Square
2 Minute Format
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The Last Knot on the Rope Part IV

Kim Davis and the Supreme Court

If You Were in Kim Davis's Shoes...

Did Kim Davis Actually Commit a Crime?

Unchartered Waters

How Did the Courts Get so Powerful - The Powers of The Supreme Court

Gary Amos Defending the Declaration

Breaking the Code II

What is a Constructionist Justice?

Philip Paulson's Life Mission

The Ten Commandments

I Know Something You Don't Know

Stealth Candidates

Will the Battle Be Avoided?

The President Ducked Part II

The President Ducked Part I

Last Words on Roberts

Barbershop Nomination

The Bigger Problem than Judge Roberts

The Other Shoe on John Roberts

Do We Really Know John Roberts?

Stop and Think About John Roberts

Two New Allies

The President's Choice II

The President's Choice I

Lost Liberty Hotel

Courts and Legal Hypocrisy

Churches and Public Schools

Removing Christians from Society

A Little Outrage Part I

Campaign Finance Reform

The Barry Lynn Debate

Trial Lawyers - Special Interest Political Contributions

Rehnquist: Too Many Laws

Religious Liberty-1998

Single Judge - Activism

State Motto Update I

State Motto, Religious Pride

New Years Eve '98

What You Don't Know - The DeRolph School Funding Case

The Ohio Supreme Court Strikes Again - Judicial Activism in the Supreme Court

Yogi Berra and Perry County Judicial Activism

State Motto Update II

Please Give The Kid A Chair

Ohio Supreme Court vs. Ohio

New Jersey Court Ends Education Meddling

Election Special - Ohio Supreme Court

Limbaugh Censored

Judicial Tyranny

Judicial Reform - Supreme Court

Federal Law For Hate Crimes - Is It a State Problem?

Court-Addicted Culture - Judicial Activism In The Supreme Court

Children And Church-Illegal?

Overturning An Election

Perry County

Saving Our Motto

Time to Settle Down

Denver and The Bible

The Rise in Power

Controlling the Budget

Voting for the Supreme Court

Election Special - Judicial Activism

Our Ohio State Motto and the Ohio Supreme Court

Abolish the Supreme Court? Establish Judicial Term Limits?

The Most Important Day this Year

Kent Marcus Appointment

The ACLU and the Declaration of Independence

Judicial Activism / Perry County

Ohio Courts and Ohio Children

Three Most Important Documents

State Motto June Update

The Judge and Johnny's Report Card

Three Cheers for the Ohio General Assembly

A Judge in your Future

State Motto Part 3

State Motto Part 2

State Motto Part 1

God Save the Honorable Court

The Public Square
Long Format Program
Total Programs: 6

Rowan County, KY.
September 18, 2015

Government Guitars
November 18, 2011

Federal Courts and the 2008 Election
January 24, 2008

Judicial Activism Versus Original Intent
December 11, 2007

A Look at Judicial Activism
June 20, 2007

Judicial Activism
May 09, 2007