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For the Common Good
By David Zanotti

Please don't get fooled

The Philosophy of Science and Medicine
By Dr. Charles McGowen

Affordable Care, Atheism and Astrophysics

A Moment in History
By Dr. Jeff Sanders

Darkest Hour

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Oprah's Golden Globe Speech
January 22, 2018
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The Politics of Shame
January 19, 2018
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November 2008
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A Must See Video: Vote 2008
Air Date: November 03, 2008
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More Information: View this Must-See Video   USAVoter Election Information

Lessons Learned
Air Date: November 04, 2008
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More Information: USAvoter Election Information   Vote 2008

Rally Around Virginia
Air Date: November 05, 2008
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More Information:    

John F. Kennedy: Would you elect him today?
Air Date: November 05, 2008
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More Information: JFK   

2010 Congress
Air Date: November 06, 2008
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More Information:    

Major Ballot Issue Victories 2008
Air Date: November 07, 2008
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More Information: Summary of the Ballot Issue Victories   

God Didn't Vote This Year
Air Date: November 10, 2008
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More Information: God Won't Vote This Year   

Who Are The Greatest U.S. Presidents?
Air Date: November 11, 2008
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More Information:    

JFK: Would You Elect Him Today?
Air Date: November 12, 2008
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More Information:    

Washington's Sacred Fire - Interview with Dr. Peter Lillback
Air Date: November 13, 2008
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More Information: George Washington's Sacred Fire   Dr. Peter A. Lillback

Dr. Peter Lillback on The Wall of Misconception
Air Date: November 14, 2008
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More Information: Wall of Misconception   Dr. Peter A. Lillback

Amity Shlaes on The Forgotten Man
Air Date: November 17, 2008
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More Information: Amity Shlaes   The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression

G.K. Chesterton and Orthodoxy
Air Date: November 18, 2008
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More Information: G.K. Chesterton   Orthodoxy

Fatal Misconception with Matthew Connelly
Air Date: November 19, 2008
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More Information: Matthew Connelly   Fatal Misconception by Matthew Connelly

Lessons From Valley Forge with Michael Geer
Air Date: November 20, 2008
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More Information: Pennsylvania Family Institute   

A Fulfilling Life - Theodore Roosevelt
Air Date: November 21, 2008
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More Information: Theodore Roosevelt