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Blinkers Show You Care

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Ohio Roundtable: The Public Square - Blinkers Show You Care

Blinkers Show You Care

Is the world growing crueler by the day? Is there anything you can do about it?

The crime rater per capita has been going down in America for several years. There may in fact be fewer crimes, but the crimes we see are crueler, scarier, and more troubling than ever before. Often we feel lost in a sea of violence, disrespect, and fear.

But now there is a solution – that’s right – a way that you can make an impact for kindness, decency, and love of neighbor.

This plan is so simple that anyone can participate. It takes only seconds a day, and it costs absolutely nothing. It’s totally free. You don’t even need to call an 800 number.

The plan is simply this: try using your blinkers when you drive. Some of you are laughing; I know you’re laughing. Blinkers? Those are the things outside your car that flash on and off when you lift that little lever on your steering column – also known as turn signals.

In the old days, people used to actually feel it was important to show respect for other drivers, instead of changing lanes at 70 miles per hour by simply jerking the steering wheel. And when they slowed to make a turn, amazing as it may sound, they used to signal the driver ahead and behind them.

Some people even used hand signals – real hand signals – to make certain their fellow drivers were treated with courtesy and safety.

If you say you care about your neighbor, try using a blinker, especially on the freeway.

That’s right; blinkers can change the world. At least they can send a bright message. A message that you believe somebody else in this world is at least as important as you.

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