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What Does The Bible Say About Health Care? Part I
Monday, March 26, 2012

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Wayne Shepherd: What does the Bible say about healthcare? This is The Public Square® with Dave Zanotti of The American Policy Roundtable and we’ve got a lot to talk about this week, Dave.

Dave Zanotti: Wayne, it’s a question that should have been asked a long, long time ago.

WS: You're right.

DZ: We’ve got this massive debate going on in our country and it’s not really something we’ve heard much about. So we’ve been wrestling with that question for some time. And we’ve kind of gotten off into the weeds of the public policy side of it, and it’s thick and it’s rough and thorny and rugged. We’ve also talked about the history of what’s going on in our country. We’ve also talked about the consequences of where these kinds of policies could go. But we just want to take some time to just back and ask some basic questions of “What does the Bible say?” Is there anything in the Bible about healthcare?

WS: By the way, for a longer version of this discussion, including our friends on our panel on The Public Square® program, that’s archived at the website,

DZ: And there are actually some verses that people came up with. And what we’re going to do this week is let people in on a private staff conversation that went on for several hours. We gave people at the Roundtable the assignment at the national headquarters of answering this question, “What does the Bible say about healthcare?” Then we spent several hours, as they brought their homework in, looking at verses, trying to discern, is there a way of finding out what the mind of the scripture is as it regards to public policy of such significance.

WS: We’re going to really get into this starting tomorrow. But in the meantime, how about if our listeners e-mail us through the website and tell us what they think the Bible says about healthcare.

DZ: We’d be very interested in hearing it, every single word.

Wayne Shepherd: is that website, so we’ll get into this fully tomorrow. What does the Bible say about healthcare? This has been The Public Square® here with Dave Zanotti. I’m Wayne Shepherd here on The Public Square®.

What Does the Bible Say About Health Care? - October 26, 2009


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