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Dragging Your Health Care Under Water
Tuesday, November 24, 2009

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Wayne Shepherd

Wayne Shepherd:  Well, the holiday season is upon us already. Does that mean Congress is going to give us all a break on the health care debate? I'm Wayne Shepherd with Dave Zanotti of the American Policy Roundtable. And Dave, what do you think?

David Zanotti: Not so lucky, Wayne.

WS: Oh I was hoping you'd give another answer.

DZ: Congress is about to call the alligator strategy into play. This is NOT a call from the Florida Gators playbook. What happens is this: Congress knows that we the people disappear for about 6 weeks every year beginning right about now. We focus on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years bowl games and come back to the world of politics and civil government about January 5th. Florida Gator fans are usually the last to return from all the celebrations.

This is the time period where nobody's looking. When politicians in DC can be the most dangerous. They will very likely use this time to grab the health care bill, take it behind closed doors, shake it to death and come out about January 5th to tell us all what new plan they are about to pass.

WS: That's sort of like the way a gator grabs its prey and shakes it to death.

DZ: Drags it underwater, shakes it, drowns it and puts it away for lunch. You never see the real struggle. It’s all under water.

So a word to the wise—please, we can't afford to forget what they are doing in Washington D.C. right now. They are after everybody's health care. Please stay alert, stay informed and keep your eyes open.

WS: We're going to be watchful on this. We're going to continue to post updates on this at So as there is news you need to know about, you can find it right there.

DZ: We'll have it there. This site is always offered to you free of charge because people are so generous to help us.

WS: You can read a transcript of the The Public Square® there as well, listen to past programs including our hour long program at

Dragging Your Health Care Under Water - November 24, 2009

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