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What does the Bible Say about Health Care?, Part V
Friday, October 30, 2009

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Wayne Shepherd: Alright, we’re down to the final program this week of The Public Square® and the question begs to be answered, “What is the role of government in healthcare?” We’ve been talking around that issue this week, Dave.

Dave Zanotti: We sure have, Wayne. And it started in hours of conversation with our staff and study of the scriptures and it’s been going on really for months. And one of the things that comes up crystal clear is that the predominance of scripture, as it regards to caring for our neighbor, is very personalized. It’s very much about one person helping another. It’s then very much about families taking care of themselves. 1 Timothy 5 was brought up often, “If a person won’t care for their own family, they’re worse than an infidel.” And then we brought up the role of “What does the church do?” and the clear New Testament responsibilities of the church to care for the needy. And then at the end of the day we go to the wider community, whether it was the state in the form of a state government, or the federal government, or in a case of the New Testament in regards to Rome. But what was important was that the government always appears to be at the end of the paradigm, not at the beginning. One place we did see government stepping in at the beginning was at 1 Samuel 8, as the children of Israel refused to accept their responsibility for their own form of self-government and they went with a king and delegated that responsibility. It was crystal clear that what the scriptures teach us is every time we delegate responsibility to government, we should be doing ourselves, or as families, or as churches, or as communities…

WS: It’s always second best.

DZ:It’s always second best. It is incredibly expensive. And the result of that centralized form of power is always disappointing.

WS: This issue of healthcare continues to churn in Washington. For the latest updates, come to our website, Join us next time here on The Public Square®.

What Does the Bible Say About Health Care?, Part V - October 30, 2009


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