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What does the Bible Say about Health Care?, Part II
Tuesday, October 27, 2009

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Wayne Shepherd: Yesterday we began posing the question on The Public Square®:“What does the Bible say about healthcare?” I’m Wayne Shepherd with Dave Zanotti of The American Policy Roundtable.

Dave Zanotti: Well we went back to the Old Testament, Wayne, and then we went back the whole way through the New Testament and the conversation. And I suppose we should start with the book of Genesis. This could be a long week.

One of the things that we were concerned about is the concept that if you lose the macro, you can’t find the micro. And so we went back to Genesis and asked ourselves the question. The God of creation has given to his creation of mankind some certain responsibilities. Well if you lose God from the formula of your national identity, you’ve lost your starting point. And when you lose God in the equation for public policy, you can’t find man either. So one of the first things the Bible teaches us about healthcare is really found in the value of man. Man as a unique creation of God is incredibly valuable. Therefore, the health of the individual is important because the individual is important to God, which brought the founders to flow to that Declaration of Independence. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights.” That among these, the very first one, the right to life. The right to life, the right to live, and to live well because of the value of the human being as a creation of God.

WS: I’ve got some questions about that. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow and the days ahead this week to talk about it with Dave. This has been The Public Square®. If you have questions or comments, reach us through our website at, where you will find a transcript of this week's program as well. That’s This has been The Public Square®.

What Does the Bible Say About Health Care?, Part II - October 27, 2009


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