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The Most Curious Fact in the Health Care Debate
Friday, September 25, 2009

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Wayne Shepherd

Wayne Shepherd: Today on The Public Square® with Dave Zanotti, I’m Wayne Shepherd. OK – I’ve heard about the federal health care bill from just about every angle. What is the most curious fact? I’ll bite – what is it Dave?

Dave Zanotti:  Fun question isn’t it Wayne? Back in 1994 Hillary Clinton and her team put together a massive federal health care takeover plan called the Health Security Act. They published it and lots of us read it a time or two. President Clinton stood before the Congress with a special Health Security Card promising that card would bring health and peace of mind to all Americans. They had a plan, they put it on the table and the Congress and the people fought it out. In the end, the Clinton plan failed, Congress changed hands and the measure never returned. Throughout the whole process – it was a fair fight.

This time around, the President has been married to a federal health care plan from day one of his new Administration. He has made more speeches, commitments, and given more time to this than any other idea. The debate has raged in Congress and four House Committees have passed a 1018 page health care bill. But the most curious fact is – in spite of all the speeches, town halls and shouting matches – the President has not committed to a piece of legislation. He is talking about concepts but to the best of anyone’s knowledge and media reports – he has not read the proposed health reform bill. That to me – is and remains the most curious fact in all of this. The second is this – why hasn’t anyone in the mainstream media asked him about this?

WS: This has been The Public Square®..I'm Wayne Shepherd with Dave Zanotti here on The Public Square®.

The Most Curious Fact in the Health Care Debate - September 25, 2009

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