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Health Care Rationing II
Tuesday, September 22, 2009

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Wayne Shepherd

Wayne Shepherd: Today on The Public Square® with Dave Zanotti, I’m Wayne Shepherd. We started on this discussion of rationing yesterday. Why isn’t the word in the bill, Dave?

Dave Zanotti:  Wayne, when you ask the question that way the answer is pretty obvious. The problem is, very few people ask that question quite so directly.

Page One of the Health Care bill clearly states the one purpose of the bill is to reduce the growth in health care spending.

The only honest way to do that is to spend less by either treating fewer people or treating them with less care and medicine. Since health care does not grow on trees there really isn’t a third option. You don’t see the word “rationing” in the bill because using such a word would be political suicide. Lawmakers have intentionally drafted these 1018 pages in a most mysterious way. We’ve read the bill, multiple times. It is hard to comprehend. Our legislative director spent hours combing through the definitions alone. When you put all the pieces and parts together you are left with a massive new bureaucracy run out of Washington, D.C. That bureaucracy will tell people what plans are legal and which are not. Those commissioners will monitor care and recommend cost savings. The list of their responsibilities grow and grow across 1018 pages. I couldn’t find the word rationing in the bill. But when I read the sentences I found the full authority to ration health care by the federal government the only possible alternative of the passage of HR 3200. That’s how the words add up.

WS: This has been The Public Square®..I'm Wayne Shepherd with Dave Zanotti here on The Public Square®.

Health Care Rationing II - September 22, 2009

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