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Have You Read the Bill?
Wednesday, September 09, 2009

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Wayne Shepherd

Wayne Shepherd: We’ve been talking about this a long time now. But have you or has your congressman read the healthcare bill that’s before congress? I’m Wayne Shepherd with Dave Zanotti of the American Policy Roundtable. And Dave, we have read the bill.

Dave Zanotti: Well, the debate is right back on point with congress coming back in and now having to decide “what are they going to do about healthcare?” Unfortunately, we lost another summer vacation to reading a 1000 page piece of legislation. And Melanie, our national legislative director, has actually read the bill at least four times.

WS:  She uses the highlighter with it.

DZ:  She’s going around the country and basically lecturing and doing debates with folks about it. So we’re pretty familiar with what’s inside that bill. What’s pretty fascinating is most people feel they are now, as well.

WS: More so than their congressperson.

DZ: A recent poll came out that said that most Americans, 51 percent of Americans, feel that they know what’s in their healthcare bill better than their members of congress.

WS:  What’s wrong with this picture?

DZ:  It’s kind of funny in a weird, sort of sad way. We used to think that maybe they were doing all that work for us, now we recognized we’ve got to be doing it ourselves. The good news is people are digging into the facts, as they should, because this bill will impact every area of their life. So I want to continue to encourage people, please read the legislation. It’s available on our website. Encourage your members of your congress to read it. It’s uncomfortable when you ask them, because they don’t want to admit that they don’t do that very often.

WS:  And we’re coming down to crunch time, too.

DZ:  But you’ve got to read it. How can you even have an intelligent debate if you haven’t read the bill?

WS:  You can read it here. The website that Dave mentioned is That’s the American Policy Roundtable, And this program is archived there as well, so if you want more details, we’ve done whole hour long discussions about this all archived on the website. We’ll see you next time on The Public Square®.

Have You Read the Bill? - September 9th, 2009

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