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The Bible and Health Care
Friday, August 21, 2009

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Wayne Shepherd

Wayne Shepherd: Today on The Public Square®, Dave Zanotti is here and I’m Wayne Shepherd. Dave, let me ask you, what is my responsibility in this culture today?

Dave Zanotti: People want us to think that you’re immoral if you’re not advocating radical reforms, substantive reforms, total reforms on health care, that you’re some how made even un-Christian.

WS: That’s certainly pushed at us, isn’t it?

DZ: oh. To find something morally or Christian we’ve got to go to the Bible. And I’m mindful of a passage where St. Paul says, if a person doesn’t provide for their own family, then they’re worse than an...

WS: an infidel.

DZ: Than a pagan. Well let’s role that back a step farther. If you’re going to be defined as a pagan biblically for not taking care of your family, how would you define it if you’re not taking care of yourself? You know of the 46 million alleged uninsured people, a lot of those folks choose to be uninsured because they are of an age, or of a health situation, where they don’t feel that it’s worth the investment.

WS: There are many reasons why they’re uninsured people.

DZ: So if a person chooses to be irresponsible and doesn’t save up for the inevitable need for health care, why should the rest of us have to carry a heavier burden for someone else’s irresponsibility? Now that’s not to say that everyone without insurance is in that gate, certainly by no means.

WS: We are compassionate about that.

DZ: And there are real needs that really need to be addressed. And they are addressed better at the state and local level than they are by the federal government. But none of those needs in that community justify taking over the health care for a 106 million people who are currently not in the government network.

WS: Break the bank in the process.

DZ: Yeah that part doesn’t make sense. So the question that I think we really need to bring up from a biblical perspective: What is the role of personal responsibility for health care? Before we even worry about the government, what are we doing or not doing that’s causing this problem.

WS: Find the facts that you need to make a decision about this online at

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