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Health Care Disclaimer
Thursday, August 20, 2009

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Wayne Shepherd

Wayne Shepherd: Anybody who listens to the Public Square®, either this version or the long version; either on the radio or on the web, knows that we take a position on this health care legislation, Dave Zanotti that probably upsets some people.

DZ: It’s fascinating Wayne, we have not had a single person write in or call in flaming and upset, but that could happen soon, because this debate is being characterized, not on the substance of legislation, which we have read multiple times. Our national legislative director Melanie Elsey has read it …

WS: I think she carries it around with her all day long.

DZ: She does in the airport and other places, alright. So we are trying to have a battle of substance on the questions of government and constitutional law, but people are being pushed into the corner, to think that if you are for it then you are for the president, if you’re against it you’re against the president.

WS: It’s not quite that simple, is it?

DZ: It really isn’t. We choose to not even use his name. This is a matter between Congress and law. All right, we’re not going to get caught up in that, we are not going to get caught up in partisanship, or electoral politics—our concern is about what is good law. Now one of the things that trouble us so much is that laws are not static, they are not like granite, when you pass a law it isn’t there forever without change. People are able to push those boulders around and…

WS: Yeah there is an interpretation that takes place.

DZ: And move boundary stones, and extend meanings, and so often people start a program based on what they think is the law, and say if you don’t like it sue me. So when we are talking about our health care this is dangerous and the words do matter, and that’s why we are spending so much time urging people to be careful.

WS: Yeah if you would like to study this issue about health care, do it on our website For Dave Zanotti president and CEO of the American Policy Roundtable, I’m Wayne Shepherd and this is has been the Public Square®.

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