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When Health Care Gets Ugly
Wednesday, August 19, 2009

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Wayne Shepherd

Wayne Shepherd: Back in school days we all loved recess. This is the Public Square® with Dave Zanotti of the American Policy Roundtable, I’m Wayne Shepherd. I don’t think this congressional recess is a whole lot of fun for some congress members.

DZ: Have you noticed how many of them have headed over seas?

WS: Yeah, I would too.

DZ: Getting out and dodge.

WS: Yeah.

DZ: Things are tough Wayne, and there is sort of an impression among the left side of the media, that all this “ugly” is being orchestrated by people who are speaking out against the nationalized health care plan. Well we are speaking out against that as a matter of principles—both biblical principles and constitutional principles.

WS: And we are encouraging people to show up and to speak up. Right?

DZ: We certainly are encouraging people to speak their mind to their members of Congress. They have that responsibility. That’s not a privilege that is a responsibility. The United States’ Constitution puts we the people in charge of our form of civil government, and the tool that we are given, to hold our civil government accountable, is the United States Congress. So if people don’t go out and express their opinion, they are not doing their duty of citizenship. They are in essence in rebellion by not speaking their mind.

WS: So what’s this all about?

DZ: Well it’s gotten ugly because people are so desperately frustrated and this Congress doesn’t know how to listen very well, and they’ve really lost the public’s trust. After all when you start passing trillions of dollars of legislation and you don’t even read it...

WS: That’s right.

DZ: I mean how can you expect people to credibly trust you? So there is a huge trust factor that’s involved, which in of it’s self is probably good enough reason to not turn back around and pass a health care measure.

WS: So do we just shut up and be quiet about this?

DZ: Well I’ll tell you people have told us we should shut up. What we’ve said is what people should be thinking about is to shut up and run. You might want to ask yourself this question. If people in Congress won’t listen is it time to put new people in Congress?

WS: Shut up and run for Congress. More information at

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