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Health Care Partisanship
Monday, August 17, 2009

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Wayne Shepherd

Wayne Shepherd: Glad to have you with us for the Public Square® today. I am Wayne Shepherd with Dave Zanotti of the American Policy Roundtable. Dave, thinking about this health care debate—why is everybody so worked up?

Dave Zanotti: It’s pretty interesting. Can you remember a time when everybody has been so focused on something?

WS: I don’t think I can, no.

DZ:  It goes back to I think 1994 and the Clinton Health Security Act. We had this kind of interesting...

WS:  Shadows of that…

DZ: Yeah it really is, and part of it is because a Senator of no less stature of Chris Dodd said at the beginning of this debate that this issue is going to impact every single American.

WS:  That gets your attention.

DZ: It’s pretty rare when a bill comes out of Capital Hill that’s going to impact everybody. Now how does it impact everybody? Well it’s your health.

WS:  Yeah

DZ: And the health of your family.

WS:  Pretty important.

DZ: And who is going to be able to decide? I think that people inherently know, even instinctively know, that if the government is going to create a new mechanism, a new bureaucracy, if you will, a new organization, that incumbent in that will be control. And we all have lived long enough to know that when the government controls things…

WS:  They don’t do a very good job, do they?

DZ: Sometimes they do. The American military it is a great thing, the way the government handles that, and that’s in our constitution. National defense is one of those core things that the government has been doing and working on since the seventeen hundreds.

WS: But name something outside the constitution.

DZ:Well this is the problem. You can’t find health care there very easily, and you can’t find structures that have been built inside the authority in Congress to handle something that is that big, from that far away.

WS: Alright this is very important something we all should be thinking and acting on, and we have done a lot of homework on our website, and that’s available to anyone right now at

DZ: And I hope people will also listen to the longer format of this broadcast where we cover a lot more about health care.

WS:  For Dave Zanotti, I’m Wayne Shepherd. We’ll see you next time on The Public Square®.

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