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Health Care - Would Someone Die?
Friday, August 14, 2009

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Wayne Shepherd

Wayne Shepherd: Q and A part two on The Public Square® today. Wayne Shepherd in the studio with Dave Zanotti and Jeff Sanders and Melanie Elsey.

Dave Zanotti: If you like this tag team approach, we want to encourage you to go online and find out when you can hear the long format broadcast  -

WS: On the radio plus usually airs -

DZ: on the radio, over the weekend, plus sometimes midweek.

WS: but it's archived on the website.

DZ: But you can also get the archives. Wayne, you're the king of radio archives I think. You're on more radio archived programs. Alright, but, Melanie and Jeff, here's a question about health care, a serious question. Here's what I want to know. If you think this plan becomes law, that some people in this country will actually lose their lives.

Melanie Elsey: I'm very sure that that will happen. No question, at all in my mind. No.

WS: That's honest.

DZ: Jeff?

Jeff Sanders: Certainly, because you are going to have to ration health care to keep the cost down. So there will be elderly who are going to be told you can't get this life saving operation. Take a pain pill.

WS: Is this just fear mongering, Dave?

DZ: I've read the bill. Along with Melanie who's read it twice. I will tell you, especially going back to 1994 Health Care Bill as well, the similarities that I see and the rationing, and the control.

WS: The language is there.

DZ: And what I see across the world.

JS: That's what they're doing in Europe.

DZ: I think people are going to lose their lives. I really do. Alright, what's the one most important thing people can do about this, Melanie?

ME: Contact your congressman. Multiple times. Not just once.

WS:  But they're on break right now. Let's give them a break.

JS: Find out where they are on break.

ME: They're on break. Find out their district offices, get their number, get their contact information, and be very firm with them.

JS: If they are courageous enough, to have a town hall meeting, that means it's a town hall, that means you're invited. Go and ask them the tough questions. How can you do this, run it efficiently, and lower the cost?

ME: And why are exempting yourselves out of it?

JS: There you go. If it's so good, why don't you participate, Congressman?

WS: More information available online at That is The Public Square®.

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Health Care - Would Someone Die? - August 14th, 2009

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