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Is This A Partisan Fight?
Thursday, August 13, 2009

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Wayne Shepherd: Q and A today on The Public Square® I’m Wayne Shepherd here with Dave Zanotti and Melanie and Jeff have rejoined us here today.

Dave Zanotti: Well we have decided to bring some of the long format broadcast team into the short format broadcast. And folks need to know this program is heard in Tennessee, and in Florida, and in Ohio, and Pennsylvania…

WS: And all points in between.

DZ: All points in between. And then in the long format program of the Public Square is aired coast to coast, from Hawaii, to Vermont, downs to the Keys, into Canada. So we keep some of these folks around every now and then. Now here is the big question I am going to ask them today, tell me the one thing you dislike the most about this new health care plan.

Melanie Elsey: Oh my gosh. It’s a monster. The one thing is all of it. It’s so huge.

Jeff Sanders: Tell people what do you like, dislike.

ME: The new bureaucracy that they will make choices for us, the fact that we will loose the coverage that we have even if we like it. Those language pieces that are actually in the bill.

DZ: Jeff, the thing you dislike the most.

JS: The premise that my government supposedly knows best for my life. That they will make the choices for me, they can tell me what kind of car to drive, what kind of light bulb I can put in my house, what kind of health choice I should have, they will make the choice for me not me. It’s disgusting.

DZ: Wayne do you think other people are asking the same questions?

WS: I think they are. And they need answers don’t they?

DZ:  Well that's what we're trying to do here. There are blogs from Jeff. There's information from Melanie. There's a whole blog series on health care from Dr. Chuck at This is a resource that I don't think you want to get to far away from.

WS: And now's the time to be answering those questions you have before Congress votes. We need to hear from you. Come to With Dave Zanotti, and Jeff Sanders and Melanie Elsey, I'm Wayne Shepherd. This has been The Public Square®.

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