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Health Care Panel, Part III
Wednesday, August 12, 2009

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Wayne Shepherd

Wayne Shepherd: A little different approach today on The Public Square® today. I am Wayne Shepherd with Dave Zanotti and two others in the studio here.

David Zanotti: We’ve asked Melanie Elsey, our national legislative director, and Jeff Sanders, the head of the Liberty Committee, to join us. There normal participants in our panel.

WS: Their normal?

DZ: Yeah, in the long format broadcast and those long format broadcasts have gotten very, very popular, particularly the ones on health care.

DZ:  But here’s sometimes a mistake people make. They think that because we are criticizing a specific policy that this administration or some other administration is advocating, that we are somehow opposed from a political party perspective. So Melanie, Jeff I want to ask you, is this about partisanship are you guys some kind of you know, Republican plot.

ME: Absolutely not. For me it is something I have been doing for twenty years. You take off the wrapping paper and look in the box. The policy is what is going to affect our lives.

DZ:  Jeff would you support ….

JS: I am.

DZ:  this plan if it was a Republican plan?

JS: I would not I am equally disgusted with both parties.

DZ: Alright.

JS: I mean I look at the Republicans they say well we will offer or own health care plan. Hey look at the Constitution pal, and tell me where in the constitution this is part of your job description. Hands off!

DZ:  That’s first principle right there. What we are talking here about Wayne is constitutional law, the covenant that we have called the Constitution.

WS:  I am glad you asked that question today. I think it is on the minds of a lot of listeners.

DZ:  Well and we don’t to create, undo controversy, and we certainly are not talking about partisanship. I am a registered independent, and I tell that to people all over the place. Quite frankly we don’t care who sits in the White House. What we are concerned about is what congress is doing, because the law making body of our government is the Congress.

WS: Thank you all very much. You can read more about what we are talking about online at This has been The Public Square®.

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