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Health Care Panel, Part II
Tuesday, August 11, 2009

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Wayne Shepherd

Wayne Shepherd: This is The Public Square® with Dave Zanotti, I’m Wayne Shepherd. And yes, I am smiling already anticipating what’s going to come on the program today, Dave.

Dave Zanotti: Wayne, this is a real shocker in less than two minutes we’ve got people in the studio. Melanie Elsey is here, our national legislative director, and Jeff Sanders, the head of the Liberty Committee. Jeff you have been running around talking to people about this health care bill and you’ve been handing out materials, my question for you is has anyone tried to punch you yet?

Jeff Sanders: No, I’m ready for them if they are. But no. Everybody even people who are, you know, not quite decided on this, or whatever, they have received it well. Because I think a lot of people realize, maybe what we voted for is not the change that we really wanted. We are being fed a lie. And I’ve been getting responses from people in every kind of economic background or venue or whatever, who are saying this isn’t my country anymore this isn’t what we wanted.

DZ: So you are handing them actual materials that…

JS: Yep.

DZ:  Explains what the health care bill says…

JS: Yeah.

DZ:  And CD’s, and DVD’s, and blogs, and all sorts of stuff…

JS: The health care maze, blogs, and facebook, I mean I’ve been using…

DZ: And they are willing to listen

JS: Yep.

DZ:  Alright.

WS: And Melanie people know things don’t quite add up on this, but sometimes they don’t know why. How can we help them with that?

Melanie Elsey: Oh they can come to the website because actually we’ve got materials on the website that will help explain the bill.

WS:  Because you’ve read it, you’ve analyzed it.

ME: We’ve read it, we’ve taken the pieces and parts and we’ve done some short excerpts, to give clarity.

DZ:  Alright, Wayne tomorrow I am going to ask these all a very critical question. Because you are listening to this and thinking, oh well maybe this is some kind of Republican gig, or some kind of anti-administration gig. People will be surprised to find out its actually just the opposite.

WS: Got to listen tomorrow to The Public Square®. In the meantime come to the website For Dave Zanotti, Melanie, and Jeff, I am Wayne Shepherd and we will see you next time on the Public Square®.

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