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Health Care Panel - Part 1
Monday, August 10, 2009

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Wayne Shepherd: Today on the Public Square®, I'm Wayne Shepherd with David Zanotti, and boy do we have a plan for you today, huh Dave?

David Zanotti: Wayne there is so much going on with this health care debate. I think sometimes people feel as if they are the cat that got stuck in the dryer - they are turned upside-down and every which way. But we've asked Melanie Elsey and Jeff Sanders to stick around with us today and to answer some specific questions about what they are doing in the health care debate.

WS: Are you two ready, Melanie? Jeff?

DZ: Melanie, you have been doing public forums on this, going around the country and talking to people about what's in the bill, true or false, you have read the original 1,028 page health care proposal?

Melanie Elsey: True

DZ: True or false: more than one time?

ME: True

Jeff Sanders: She should be a Congress member since she is doing their job.

DZ: For the record, Jeff Sanders, it is true that there is a human being that has read the bill twice.

JS: That is correct. Yes. I am sitting next to her.

DZ: Wayne we are very blessed by the fact that she is our national legislative director and she is publishing materials on what it means. So what do you think Melanie, once you've looked inside the box? Do you like the plan?

ME: It's "puky." (Laughter)

JS: Can we say that on Christian radio?

ME: Do I have to re-record that?

DZ: I think we go with it, and hopefully they understand you well enough that they will be ok with it. Obviously it makes you sick.

ME: It's disgusting. It's so misleading and the marketing on what's inside the box is also misleading.

WS: We'll let's continue this conversation next time on The Public Square®. Good start today though.

DZ: Well, grab your Pepto-Bismol® and we'll be back tomorrow to talk more.

WS: For Dave Zanotti, Melanie Elsey and Jeff Sanders, I'm Wayne Shepherd. Thanks for listening to the Public Square®.

Health Care Panel - August 10th, 2009

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