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An Open Letter to the President
Friday, July 31, 2009

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Wayne Shepherd

Wayne Shepherd:  So I come to the website and I see an open letter to the President of the United States. This is The Public Square® with Dave Zanotti who wrote that letter. Dave, thank you.

Dave Zanotti:  You stole that letter!

WS: You said I could! You said anybody could take that letter and I did and I passed it along to my members of Congress.

DZ:  And that's what really needs to happen, Wayne.  We need to take this letter and other things that are out there and send them to members of Congress immediately, today. And let them know that this piece of legislation is so bad that they need to start over. 

WS:  We have to write to the President as well because he's the one pushing this so hard. Has a president ever pushed a Congress harder than what they're being pushed by this president?

DZ: Probably not since FDR, that we've ever seen. The question is whether the President has even read the legislation himself. 

WS: Good question.

DZ: I know this seems so odd. Everybody is saying there's a crisis, there's a crisis. Folks, we are being manipulated into fear and that's never a good place to make decisions from. The world will not come to an end if this isn't solved today or tomorrow or next week or next month. This kind of massive undertaking will take years and years. They're not even thinking this will be effective until 2013.

WS: If you're going to make a momentous decision for your family, would you be forced into an artificial deadline to make that decision?

DZ: Yeah, an artificial deadline and that's what's important.  We've got plenty of information for people to look at this and decide if this is the kind of healthcare they want. But goodness gracious, if you haven't had the time to decide yet, why should you're representative be deciding for you?

WS: Well you have access to much more information about this because our team has put it together. It's on the website.  Dave, I hope people will take that and use it.

DZ: Take the letter. Send it to your members of Congress. Send it to the President. Sign it with your own name. We have no pride of authorship. Edit it if you wish. But please make your voice heard. This may be the last chance you have to make your voice heard.

WS: This has been The Public Square®.

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