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A Picture of the Healthcare Bill
Tuesday, July 28, 2009

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Wayne Shepherd

Wayne Shepherd:  So we have this bill before Congress to nationalize our healthcare. What does it really look like? We’ve got a picture of that today here on the Public Square®. Dave, I don’t know how you’re going to communicate this picture on the radio, but that will be your job here today.

Dave Zanotti:  The first thing I’ll say is please come to the website, and take a look at this picture.  Wayne, when I first saw it I thought it was some propaganda from those opposing the measure.  But then I read the bill and I can tell you, no, they got it.

WS:  Accurate depiction.  It looks very Rube Goldberg though, doesn’t it. 

DZ: Well it looks like maybe a motherboard in a computer.   Or maybe one of those games we used to play as kids where you’d have a plastic piece and a little bee with a magnet and you got to move in and out of the boxes and the colors. 

WS:  Well I will say this, it’s pretty.  I mean all the colors, it’s very pretty.

DZ: Look at the colors. It is, it’s an attempt to try and explain when you’re going to create something with words.  What is that something going to look like?  So it’s a flow chart, an org. chart if you will.  Cause what’s happened in this actual legislation, Wayne, is we are in fact, the Congress is creating in this bill, a department, levels and layers of bureaucracies, full time employees, a massive structure, through which all healthcare, private and public, will now flow.   And when you put that org. chart down and you look at it, honestly it kind of creeps you out.  Because you think, oh my goodness, it’d be one thing if we were running trains this way, but this is people’s lives. 

WS:  In all seriousness, you’ve got to see this organizational chart of the proposed nationalize healthcare. It will help you see just how complicated this thing is.

DZ: And hope people will quickly want to contact there members of congress and explain how they feel about this as well.

WS: Alright, we’ll help you when you come to For Dave Zanotti and the Public Square® I'm Wayne Shepherd. We'll see you next time. 

The Healthcare Bill as of July 23, 2009

Organizational Chart of the House Democrats' Health Plan

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 A Picture of the Healthcare Bill - July 28th, 2009

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