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1,018 Pages Today
Monday, July 27, 2009

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Wayne Shepherd

Wayne Shepherd:  Just how big and complex is that bill in Congress promoting a federal takeover of our healthcare? This is the Public Square® with Dave Zanotti, and Dave it looks to me like it’s on the desk there in front of you is pretty big actually.

Dave Zanotti:  And it depends if it’s one sided or two sided. The one sided version is about…

WS: Six inches tall.

DZ: Even a little taller than that. Now when I look at it, the two sided version matches up pretty much with the 1994 Clinton Health Security Act.

WS: Either way that’s a lot of pages.

DZ:  Yeah, right now were at 1,018 pages and we’ve got it and our national legislative director Melanie Elsey is reading it on behalf of all the listeners from the Public Square® from all over America.

WS: Would the members of Congress read it before they vote on it?

DZ: And I’ll tell you why the probably won’t, Wayne. It is incredibly laborious. Melanie is one of the nicest people I know, one of the brightest people in regards to legislation that I know. Four and a half days for her to read it, including one all nighter.

WS: And Melanie is saying there is a few little surprises in the bill. Things that aren’t getting talked about.

DZ: Well it’s very different from the public relations that we’re hearing. It’s so different. It’s so vast. It is such a complicated process that I’m not sure yet anybody who’s been talking about this on the air from the administration or any of their delegates, I’m not sure anybody’s really telling you what’s there.

WS: But the push is on, we’ve got to get this passed now.

DZ: And they want it done immediately. We’ve tried to provide some additional resources so people can learn what this is really going to do.

WS: Yeah, we can’t afford to sit on the sidelines for this one. So the information you need is at I’ll repeat that, So Dave, we going to follow this all week long?

DZ: All week long.

WS:  Alright. Well stay with us here on the Public Square®.

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1,018 Pages Today - July 27th, 2009

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