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Healthcare Update
Friday, May 01, 2009

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Wayne Shepherd

Wayne Shepherd:   Thanks for joining us on The Public Square® with Dave Zanotti; I'm Wayne Shepherd. Dave, Congress is moving rapidly on nationalized healthcare.

Dave Zanotti:  Wayne, the freight train is still coming at us and it is flying fast.

WS:  Oh boy.

DZ:  There is an urgent call for everyone who cares about their healthcare—everyone with loved ones in need, elderly parents, kids with long-term illnesses, and anyone near the age of 50.

In fact, if you are breathing and of voting age, you should be on top of this one.

Congress, remember that same group that passed a trillion dollar stimulus bill without reading it - well there now planning to fast track your healthcare. They are trying to remake the entire system and do it so fast that no one will really have time to read, digest, or debate your medical future.

WS:  Unbelievable.

DZ:  Not your representative, not your Senator and most of all—not you.

If this were a highway project, I'll be honest with you, we'd probably would be talking about something else. Those things happen fast, and lots of time in the dark. But this is your health, we're talking about. Have you ever been really sick? I mean the kind of sick that could kill you or leave you disabled for life? Have you ever cared for someone who was that sick?

What was your first thought?  Was it "I hope the government permits us to get treatment?" That is what is coming if Congress takes over the health care system. And yes, we plan to keep talking about this every day until all of us stand up and do something about it Why? Because we want sick people to have the right to get better and doctors to have the right to help them without having to ask the government for permission.

WS:   For Dave Zanotti and The Public Square®,  I'm Wayne Shepherd.

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