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The Compassion Factor
Monday, October 19, 2009

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Wayne Shepherd

Wayne Shepherd:   Welcome to today's edition of The Public Square® with Dave Zanotti of the American Policy Roundtable. Yes things are heating up in Washington D.C., Dave.

Dave Zanotti:  After a while Wayne, we sort of get used to this. People who want a nationalized healthcare plan, who are sold on the idea, accuse us of being mean-spirited or lacking compassion.

I've got to tell you that it still hurts.  For this reason I’m not going to try to prove my compassion to you or anyone else over the radio—but I can tell you about my passion. I think sick people should be cared for always, at all times. I think people are made in God’s image and no government has the right to take away their right to life.

And I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt, by looking into hard and tested real evidence, that government does a lousy job providing healthcare. They do some things right.  But they don't do as good a job as the private sector or the non-profit sector.  So the reason we are opposing further intrusion of the US government into the arena of health care is because we deeply care about the people who are going to get hurt.

But what about the 50 million people who are uninsured? Wayne, I’ve never met anyone who can prove that number. They just cite another source and move on. I've studied that number for 15 years. We've got a team that's studied it.  It’s bogus. It is simply not true. The real number is closer to 8 million people who have a real problem getting insurance.

If every state worked to help those uninsured people, this problem would be fixed in a year. But states won’t do that as long as they are paralyzed by the Congress promising a giant fix of the whole system.

WS:  A lot of innocent people are about to be hurt.  Let's let Congress know what we feel.  For Dave Zanotti, I'm Wayne Shepherd.  Thanks for listening to The Public Square®

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The Compassion Factor - October 19, 2009

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