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Meet Mr. Hannan
Thursday, August 06, 2009

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Wayne Shepherd:  This is The Public Square® with Dave Zanotti of the American Policy Roundtable and what an interesting story today Dave.

Dave Zanotti:   Wayne, what do you do when someone who truly knows the score sends you a message, a warning?

Mr. Daniel Hannan is a member of the European Parliament from Great Britain. He is an author, journalist and he graduated from Oxford. He has served in the Parliament since 1999.

He recently issues a warning to the United States. He warned us to not adopt a nationalized health care system. His recommendation is based upon the utter failure of the British system to provide quality care to citizens. He's lived there. He's experienced this. 

He points out the terrible realities of rationing—which always happens when the government controls health care. And he brings out a point we have been talking about for quite a while—the British health care rationing agency is called the NICE—the very same name CS Lewis used for a national agency that controlled Britain in his novel That Hideous Strength.

There could be no more honest or serious warning to the U.S. Converting to the kind of health care system being pushed by the radical left leaders of Congress will lead to real suffering and cost people their lives. Read Mr. Hannan’s remarks and see a video interview as well.

WS:  Dave, there must be something more we can do?

DZ:  Wayne, there has never been a more important moment to contact your members of Congress, your Representative and your two US Senators and tell them you don't want a move—not a single step, toward any further national healthcare. Their number is 202.224.3121.

WS:  202-224-3121, for Dave Zanotti and the Public Square®, I’m Wayne Shepherd.

British Warning to U.S. - Don't Nationalize Healthcare - Video

"Americans! Don't Copy the British Healthcare System!" by Daniel Hannan

Meet Mr. Hannan - April 14th, 2009

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