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4 Key Principles to Healthcare Reform
Tuesday, March 10, 2009

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Wayne Shepherd:  This is The Public Square® with Dave Zanotti. Yesterday we talked about nationalized healthcare. It's before Congress right now.  Four key things we need to know about, Dave.  

Dave Zanotti:  Wayne, the critics will always come back and say, "Well what's your solution?"  As if they've got a bullet proof plan and the rest of us are just a bunch of morons. There has been a lot of people studying this for many, many years.  And Wayne, we've got four basic principles that you can build healthcare reform off of.    

WS: Alright.  Let's tick them off.

DZ: The first is: let the states go first (#1).  Most of these problems we can solve at the state level. And if there is going to be more universal type systems, let a state run a universal system but not a national.

WS: But if the federal government is going to do it then the states are going to back off.

DZ: That's exactly what will happen.  You'll paralyze the best answers.  Everyone will be waiting for the feds to take care of it.     

WS: Alright, number two.

DZ: Protect people's right to choose their healthcare plan (#2). The single most important thing to people is to have the ability to choose to stay healthy or to get healthy.

WS: It's not going that way right now. Is it?

DZ: Nationalized healthcare takes choices away.  There's no other option.

WS: Third key principle.

DZ: Put docs first (#3). Put the doctors first.  They are the people who care the most and can save us the most money.  Wayne, this is what you've got to remember. Doctors have the goal to get people healthier quicker.  Bureaucracy slows down the healing process.

WS: Always does.

DZ: Which raises the cost. Put docs first.

WS: Briefly number four -

DZ: Let Americans improve healthcare by sharing ownership in the system.  What you control by your choices, you adhere to more ardently and more diligently and more efficiently.  Let the American people be a part of the process not be dictated to.   

WS: I know these came really fast today, but they are really important.  Get them again on Dave's Blog.  The Public Square®  comes to you from the American Policy Roundtable, with Dave Zanotti, I'm Wayne Shepherd. Thanks and join us next time.     

Get the straight scoop on universal health care problems.

4 Key Principles on Healthcare Reform - March 10th, 2009

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