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A Key Principle to Healthcare Reform
Monday, March 09, 2009

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Wayne Shepherd:  Welcome to today's edition of The Public Square®. I'm Wayne Shepherd here with Dave Zanotti.  Boy, it's before Congress now - nationalized healthcare, Dave.  

Dave Zanotti:  Wayne, we've got to sound an alarm.  People will understand that if the government controls your healthcare, the government controls your life. 

WS: A frightening prospect.

DZ: And the game is back again.  Back in 1994 we went through this with the Hillary healthcare plan. We put together a 14 state coalition and we really learned a lot back then. And since that time, for many, many years, we've studied healthcare systems around the world that are nationalized.  And Wayne, there's one thing we find to be true always: when they start off by talking to you about controlling costs, and cutting costs, you have to understand the only way the healthcare system does that is to cut care, cut choices, cut quality.

WS: To our detriment.

DZ:  To our detriment.  

WS: Well the proponents of nationalized healthcare have also learned a few things since '94.

DZ: They have. They are spinning a lot of webs.  They are trying to get you terrified about how many people are uninsured.  And they want you to believe that the system is out of control, the costs are going to come and get you that it's the great big boogie man that's going to wipe out your life.  Wayne, that's not true.  That's just not true. And their solutions, even if it was true, their solution only brings us to one place.  And that's healthcare rationing. 

The thing that people need to understand is there is a much better way to solve this problem.  And the first key to it is to find out where the system doesn't work, specifically, and then work to specifically meet that need.     

WS:  Piece by piece.

DZ:  Piece by piece - at the lowest level of government possible; and that usually means the state level.  At the state level the problems can be solved, a much better alternative than a national healthcare takeover to solve small problems. 

WS:  That's the first key idea.  There are several more.  We'll deal with those tomorrow here on The Public Square®.  In the meantime, you can read about them in Dave's Blog.  I'm  Wayne Shepherd with Dave Zanotti on The Public Square®.        

Get the straight scoop on universal health care problems.    

A Key Principle to Healthcare Reform - March 9th, 2009

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