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Fixing Health Care - Dear Mr. President Part III
Friday, March 06, 2009

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Wayne Shepherd:  Today on The Public Square® the third of three letters, open letters, written to President Obama by Dave Zanotti, of The American Policy Roundtable.  

Dave Zanotti: 
Dear Mr. President,

We’ve been watching your work in Washington on the economy. We have seen the small group sessions and the dialogue. We’ve been doing that out here in the real world for years – especially on the subject of health care.

We wanted you to hear what people are telling us in four basic principles for health care reform. 1) Let the states go first. Let states design their best plans and try them. 2) Protect the people’s right to choose their health care plans. 3) Put Doctors first. We are convinced empowering doctors in health care decision making is the fastest path to real savings and better care. 4) Let Americans improve healthcare by sharing ownership in the system. The more people get involved, the less government has to.

That’s it so far, Sir. We’ve spent the last fifteen years doing what you tried the other day in D.C. We’ve talked to hospital leaders, insurance CEO’s, doctors, business owners, Medicaid and Medicare patients and a whole lot of doctors. Applying these principles won’t fix every problem; but they will save money and improve care immediately.

We are convinced Americans can solve this problem and keep health care a most promising fields for years to come. A growing health care industry is an economic engine that can create millions of new jobs. Health care can re-invigorate our academic and scientific communities. There is no down side to America having the best health care system in the world, especially a system everyone has a stake in making better.

WS:  Check out all the letters to the President here.  This has been The Public Square®. For Dave Zanotti, I'm Wayne Shepherd.

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Fixing Healthcare - Dear Mr. President Part III - March 6th, 2009

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