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Fixing Health Care - Dear Mr. President
Wednesday, March 04, 2009

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Wayne Shepherd:  This is The Public Square® from The American Policy Roundtable.  I'm Wayne Shepherd with Dave Zanotti. And I guess we could call today's program, Dear Mr. President. 

Dave Zanotti: 
Dear Mr. President,

There sure has been a lot of talk about health care in America these past fifteen years. We’ve been asking people a lot of questions and taken a lot of notes. We've even kept a full copy of Mrs. Clinton’s original health care plan from 1994.

Seems like we are going to have another long conversation about health care in Congress this year. It’s a subject well worth discussing. Over the years people have told us there are a few things we should consider very carefully—a few principles that might make the conversation much more productive.

The first principle is: let the states go first. Let the states decide how to make big changes, then test them out in smaller markets. If the people of California want to try a single-payer, government run system, they should do so. Maybe California and Vermont should lead the way—one huge state, one small state on each of the coasts. Let the states be the laboratories first, before we nationalize anything.

Next principle is: lets not take away people’s choices. If Americans want anything when facing illness, they want the right to choose how to get better. Most people take this right as a great responsibility. They are willing to work, sacrifice and save to have access to health care, when their time of need comes. Shouldn’t they have that right to pursue a healthy life?

There’s more but after 15 years, these two basic principles top the list.

WS:  And they're important principles.  For the latest news and perspective on healthcare reform click here.  For Dave Zanotti and The Public Square® I'm Wayne Shepherd.  

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Fixing Healthcare - Dear Mr. President - March 4th, 2009

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