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The Prospect of Nationalized Healthcare
Friday, August 07, 2009

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Wayne Shepherd Wayne Shepherd:  Here on The Public Square® with Dave Zanotti we are tracking this issue of nationalized healthcare.  I'm Wayne Shepherd. And Dave, we've got Chuck McGowen back with us today.     

Dave Zanotti:  We've got the big gun with us again.   Dr. Chuck, you've been in the world of medicine for how long?

Dr. Charles McGowen:  Well, I started pre-med in 1953, medical school in 1957, and I started into practice after an internship and residency and two years in the Air Force as a Flight Surgeon in 1967.

WS:  Just a little experience there.

DZ: Have you ever stopped to think about how many patients you have probably treated?

CM: Well when I sold my practice, I sold 14,000 charts along with it.  Some of those people had gone onto other places.  But that's how many people came through my office in those 32 years I was in active practice.

DZ: So Chuck what's your beef? I mean if the government is in control of healthcare, for a doctor, doesn't that make it easier for a doc?

CM: No extremely difficult unfortunately.  I was in the business of treating patients not filling out papers.  It got to the point where they were more interested in my initials on an x-ray report than what I actually did with that report.

DZ: So you're saying that quality is really at risk if people suddenly are having government people making the decisions instead of the doctor. 

CM: Not only quality but access to care - the quality of care and the access to care.

DZ: Wayne, we have got so much more to talk with Chuck about.  I feel sorry for folks on these short little programs.

WS: Yes well don't feel too sorry because there is a lot more information on the website.  This is a vital issue: the prospect of nationalized healthcare.  We can't sit by and watch this one happen, we've got to get involved. Thanks for listening to The Public Square®

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The Prospect of Nationalized Healthcare - January 13th, 2009



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