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Nationalized Healthcare: Good Idea or Bad Idea?
Monday, January 12, 2009

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The Public Square - Praying for Enemies
Wayne Shepherd:  I'm Wayne Shepherd with Dave Zanotti and this is The Public Square®

Dave Zanotti:  The subject today is healthcare, Wayne.  We brought in the big gun.

WS: Yes, we have Dr. Charles McGowen here. 

DZ: Chuck, they're trying to take over our healthcare - true or false?

Dr. Charles McGowen:  True. 

DZ: Congress?

CM: The Government.

DZ: The government. Good idea or bad idea?

CM: Bad Idea.

DZ: Because?

CM: Because it ultimately will result in bankruptcy to the country in the area of healthcare and ultimately rationing.

DZ: And rationing means people who are sick won't get care because a government bureaucrats says they don't qualify.

CM: Rationing means they are going to decide who gets care and who doesn't get care, and it's probably going to be age based or worth based.

DZ: Chuck, is nationalized healthcare working anywhere in the world?

CM: Nowhere, as a matter of fact, many of them are going back to free enterprise.

DZ: Wayne, that is just the beginning of several broadcasts we are going to have with Dr. Chuck McGowen.  Chuck is our chief  of all medical questions - a 72 year-old physician who has been in practice for over 40 years, a medical professor, a former Air Force Flight Surgeon; the guy's credentials are unassailable.  Not only does he know what the problem is, but he knows what some of the answers are as well.  

WS: There are lots of questions we have about the prospect of nationalized healthcare and many of the answers to those questions can be found at Chuck has a blog that's there on the front page and more information there in that blog and on other pages on the site.

DZ: So people can begin now to look for healthcare broadcasts both here daily on the two-minute version of The Public Square®.  You can go online and get them, you can listen on air.  There are all kinds of ways and you can even go into The Public Square® thirty minute archives and get long format questions answered as well.

WS: Don't sit on the sidelines of this debate, please go to Thanks for listening to The Public Square®

Click here for more information on the prospect of nationalized healthcare. Click here for more radio programs on healthcare on The Public Square®.

Nationalized Healthcare: Good Idea or Bad Idea? - January 12th, 2009

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