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What Hillary Wants
Monday, June 09, 2008

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What Hillary Wants

What is it that Hillary Clinton wants?

We can talk about Senator Clinton. She is not the nominee of her party or a candidate. So we are talking about a U.S. Senator and her plans for America. She made those plans very clear on June 3rd, in a speech covered coast-to coast.

She said a lot. One thing stuck in my heart for sure. She still wants a government takeover of the private health care system in America. Here is what she said:  

    "That's why I want universal health care. It is wrong - that Americans pay 50 percent more for health care than the people of any other wealthy nation, with costs doubling this decade, and nearly 50 million people without any health insurance at all.
It is wrong for parents to have to choose between care for themselves or their children, to be stuck in dead-end jobs just to keep their insurance, or to give up working altogether so their kids will qualify for Medicaid."

    "I've been working on this issue not just for the past 16 months, but for 16 years. And it is a fight - it is a fight I will continue until every single American has health insurance, no exceptions and no excuses."

Not a lot of people were around for Hillary's health care campaign sixteen years ago. The Roundtable was. We helped to defeat that plan, by mobilizing a 14-state coalition of opposition.

We still have a copy of her ill-fated plan. She still wants it. We still think it would be a tragedy. No exceptions and no excuses. 

Candidates come and go, but the issues of life and death remain. You can learn more about the health care debate here.

What Hillary Wants - June 9th, 2008

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