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The Problem With Health Care
Wednesday, November 11, 2009

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The Problem With Health Care

There are lots of opinions about healthcare.
What is reform to some is disaster to others. 
Given the trillions of dollars involved, it is hard to find a source of objectivity in this debate.

Many conservative groups have picked up on the line that employers providing health care benefits are a terrible idea. They want everyone to buy their own individual health care with no employee benefits. They claim that only this reform will force consumers to control costs in health care.

So let's think about this for a minute - a mom and dad rushing their sick child to the emergency room are going to have a debate with doctors about costs?

A family with a loved one dying of cancer is going to debate the cost of pain management treatment?

We could go on, but here is the point - Health care is not like buying bananas. People don't choose to get sick. Surgery is not the normal choice over a vacation to Disneyworld.

The idea that having company paid health insurance causes people to gobble up health care like jellybeans on Easter morning is ridiculous. It's not free market thinking, its just plain dumb. 

People don't choose to get sick. They don't have an incentive to waste health care for fun. 
The highly educated political wonks that are spewing out this theory might want to spend a little time on the factory floor, or in a cubicle, or driving a truck for a while.

Real people don't act that way. The key to controlling health care costs does not start with beating up working people or their employers. They are not the one's making money from health care abuse.

The Problem With Health Care - November 6, 2009

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