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The Planet Has A Fever
Wednesday, April 23, 2008

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The Planet Has A Fever

"The planet has a fever"-What a buzz line that has become. Along with "Don't taze me bro," the planet has a fever is one of the biggest catch phrases in popular culture. And I have come to the conclusion that Al Gore was right about the planet having a fever, except that he got the diagnosis wrong.

The fever is not global warming. The fever is bad science driven by political and economic agendas. This all seemed harmless until the unintended consequences of sickly public policy started to impact real lives.

The sudden switch to ethanol, fueled by the global warming hysteria is creating a new class of winners and losers. The winners are people selling corn, building ethanol refineries and politicians whose buttons are popping in pride. The Al Gore team is driving the culture and the economy.

They just forgot one little fact. When people grown corn and sell it for fuel, food prices go through the roof and there are consequences around the world. News reports from Great Britain and across the globe confirm that the loss of American food sources, and the shift to the ethanol craze now has people starving in under-developed nations.

So the planet indeed has a fever. Its source is not global warming. Its source is political hysteria, junk science, and greed. And the result of that deadly viral combination is starting to kill real people in the real world. To learn more about global warming, you can visit an entire section of our website dedicated to this important topic.

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The Planet Has A Fever - April 23rd, 2008

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