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April Fool's
Tuesday, April 01, 2008

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The Public Square Radio Broadcast - April Fool's Did you hear the news? Tomorrow your health care policy expires.

Okay, it's April Fools day and your health care policy is still in tact.

But things could change-just that quickly if the national government takes over the two trillion dollar health care system. Sound a little extreme? Hardly. Anyone who has ever tried to solve a problem with Social Security, The Veterans Administration, Medicaid, or the Post Office can attest to the problems we all have with government services.

Back in the days of WWII we even invented words like FUBAR and SNAFU to explain just how frustrating working with the government can be. But the crusade is on. Political candidates and big labor unions have decided it is time for you to surrender your health care decisions to the government. They will settle for nothing less. Don't try to give them the facts. Resistance is futile. They will make health care the issue of this election and pity the fool who tries to stand in their way.

Hold the pity-we'll take the stand. There is no way any existing candidate, campaign, or labor union has got this issue even close to right. Their numbers are jumbo-sized baloney. Their websites and commercials are filled with propaganda, guilt and manipulation. And no fooling-we are not buying.

You can join the resistance by first getting more information. The facts are waiting for you at You can hear a full discussion of today's radio discussion and view articles, books and videos-all at


April Fool's - April 1, 2008



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