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Get Your Healthcare Today
Tuesday, March 11, 2008

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Is this a Presidential campaign or am I back in High School again

Can you believe the political commercials we are hearing?

I heard one on the radio at the gym the other day. Good thing I was near a punching bag.

A candidate for President ran an ad promising if elected they would cover all Americans with health care. 

Friends, this is getting to be just plain nuts. Do politicians really think all of us voters out here in fly-over land are that plain stupid? 

For the record, the President cannot introduce legislation. That is the role of Congress. The President cannot create an insurance policy for all Americans, or spend the money to pay for such a beastly illusion—only Congress can tell a lie that big. 

If a private business dared to air a commercial making such a promise to consumers they would be sued for consumer fraud. Why do we tolerate such illegitimate rhetoric from politicians? 

Maybe some of the candidates were not around back in 1994 when the last federal health care plan came off the presses. It was the size of a big city yellow pages bookٳ—over 1200 pages of brand new laws.

I still have a copy which resides on the table in the board room of the Roundtable, just in case anyone is tempted to forget what a real national health care plan looks like.  

We have all heard the line, if you love the way the Post Office works you will love the new federal health care plan. You might take a look at the VeteranÕs hospitals or the mess Medicaid is in for a little closer illustration.  

In any case—before you buy off on the promises of a new federal health care plan, spend some time on the internet and look at the horror stories from Canada and Great Britain.  

Get Your Healthcare Today– March 11th, 2008

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