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Trick or Treat - Universal Health Care in the US
Wednesday, October 31, 2007

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The Public Square - Trick or Treat
It’s one of my favorite radio days of the year.

Hope you don’t mind me talking about trick or treat.

I’m no fan or advocate of Halloween: Too creepy for children of the light and way to creepy for me. But the tradition of trick or treat is one that bears a little more telling. Kids run around with pumpkin buckets ringing doorbells and politely threatening people. “Give us at treat, preferably the large candy bars, or we will give you a trick—like soaping your windows, rolling your house, egging your door and the like.”

So I do confess to a misspent youth. However, some of those little trick or treaters grew up to be politicians. Every year they come knocking on our doors asking for our votes. Unfortunately, when they get their fancy job at taxpayer expense, they play their tricks anyways.

Not all politicians, but just enough to keep us all skeptical, wary, maybe even a little paranoid.

Example—the Great Health Care debate. Since 1994 politicians have been playing around with a government takeover of health care. They got burned big time in 94—but they are back. They are ramping up for a federal debate over health care in the coming Presidential election. They are gaining allies in the medical world by making promises no government has ever been able to keep—not in England, Canada or Cuba.

It might be the biggest trick or treat of the 21st century—government controlled health care.

If the Government controls your health care, then doesn’t the government control your life?

Trick or treat? 

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Trick or Treat - October 31st, 2007

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