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Hillary Clinton: Health Care = HC2
Wednesday, September 26, 2007

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The Public Square - Hilary on Health Care
What is HC squared?

HC squared stands for Hillary Clinton on Health Care. HC times HC = HC2.

In other words, Mrs. Clinton is back with the same basic idea she had in 2004: a government takeover of the private health care system.

Evidently, Mrs. Clinton’s advisors have seen the shift in public opinion about Iraq. People have taken the reports of General Petraeus seriously, and appear willing to give the President more space on Iraq. So the Clinton team got off the anti-war wagon and moved to their next favorite topic: universal health care.

In case you haven’t guessed, we have a strong opinion about the government taking over your health care. That opinion comes from 14 years of research and debate on the subject. We also have some serious scars from the 1994 debate. 

We’ll do our best to try to present this research and resources so that you can hear both sides of this issue as the months unfold. You’ll be hearing a lot from the politicians but what about the people? What about you and me—the non-elected ones who will be forced to live and die under a federal system?

Here’s just one fact to get the ball rolling. The 47 million uninsured in America—is not exactly an accurate count. That number contains millions who are in job transition, including many young people who are choosing to not buy insurance—though it is available and affordable. Many researchers think the number of truly uninsured may be closer to half the 47 million cited. 

Hillary Clinton on Health Care = HC2 - September 26th, 2007



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