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A Taxing Disagreement - The Camel's Nose
Wednesday, January 31, 2007

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Ohio Roundtable: The Public Square - A Taxing Disagreement - The Camel's Nose

Ever hear of the camel’s nose?

You know the story. If the camel gets his nose under the tent it won’t be long before the rest of him follows. Evidently it works that way in the desert. It works that way in Washington D.C. too—especially with taxes.

When America began, the idea of an income tax was reprehensible. The Founders fought a war over taxation. It took until 1913 for our ancestors to forget that fact. When the income tax began, the average American family paid pennies if the paid anything at all.
When Social Security began it was only to keep people out of the poor house. People only paid one percent of their income. Today? You know the story. Most of us are paying close to 50% of everything we make in sales taxes, property taxes, social security taxes, state, federal, and local income taxes.

Now the President wants to take your health care benefits, if your company pays for them and they exceed an arbitrary average of what the White House thinks you should be paying. But that’s just the camel’s nose. Before you know it, Congress will find plenty of reasons to tax every last dollar of your company paid benefits. And they will likely penalize you if you try to buy more health care coverage then they believe you need.

There is a real belief in Washington that rationing health care is the best way to deal with rising health care costs. Taxing or penalizing people who use the system is one way to begin rationing care. Forcing people to buy less insurance is another way. Once the taxes and the rationing begin—the rest of the camel will follow.

More information on health care issues in America.

A Taxing Disagreement - The Camel's Nose  - January 31st, 2007

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