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Early Christmas Present

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Ohio Roundtable: The Public Square - An Early Christmas Present

An Early Christmas Present

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In key states like Florida, Alabama, Pennsylvania, and Ohio the gambling industry has been trying to expand casinos. In Ohio and Pennsylvania the effort has been relentless. The battle to legalize several racetrack casinos raged in the Ohio General Assembly until the final day, the final hour and the casino industry lost again.

In spite of all the gambling industries efforts, the phone calls, letters, and visits to lawmakers created a wall of opposition that prevented a last minute deal. Now, it was truly a rotten deal at that. The casino leadership of the Republican party was trying to cut a deal to suspend all the rules, hold no hearings and place a racetrack amendment on the March ballot without giving the public a single opportunity to protest.

The very methods of their casino madness shows just how corrupt lawmakers can become when gambling money is on the table. They were going to try and amend the Ohio Constitution without a single hearing in the House. Of course the reason is obvious. The vast majority of citizens, community leaders and civic organizations do not want casinos in Ohio. So the politicians tried a sneak attack. But they got found out - again - and their plan went down in flames.

It was an early Christmas present for people in Ohio and around the country who are sick and tired of politicians trying to con us out of more money and a very good present it is indeed. To all who wrote, called, prayed or cared we say thanks for your efforts. You made a difference!

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