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Partial Birth Abortion Ban

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Ohio Roundtable: The Public Square - Abortion Victory

Abortion Victory

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At last after 30 years - proof positive that the abortion debate is being won.

Yes, there is still hope in America - for the unborn. As we all know by now, the US Senate and House has overwhelmingly approved a ban on partial birth abortion. This victory is the first substantive legal reversal of the 1973 judicial dictate of Roe v. Wade. The first time the federal Congress has moved to restrict abortion on demand for any reason throughout all nine months of pregnancy.

It has taken 30 years of prayer, heartrending sorrow, and endless sacrifices to finally move the Congress to come to their senses on the issue of abortion. 30 years of unfettered tragedy and loss of life, 30 of the worse years in the history of this Republic where we lost our most sacred values and the courage to defend them.

The ban on partial birth abortion is just the end of the beginning or the end of the beginning of this epic struggle. The pro-abortion community is already in retaliation mode but for one brief moment - we should pause and thank God that there is still hope to persuade elected officials and elect those who need no persuasion.

There is still hope that our form of civil government can with compassion and reason seek to protect innocent life. Still hope that you can make a difference - if you do not give up. There is much more work to be done, most of it must be done in the states, not in the Courts or the Congress. But there has been a change. The darkness is lifting. Most people now are willing to confess that abortion is not just a matter of politics and feminism. Abortion is a tragedy no matter what the circumstances.

A cry for help in every instance. A cry we can no longer cover up with political banners.

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