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Behind Closed Doors

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Ohio Roundtable: The Public Square - The "Temporary" Tax

Behind closed doors

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Should your state representatives be working to change laws behind closed doors?

Who are these powerful people and why are they meeting in secret? Sandy Theis, Columbus Bureau Chief for the Plain Dealer has been asking those questions at the Statehouse for several months. During the great budget debate, reporters and the public were uninvited to many budget discussions. Voting was held after 2:00 am so no one could attend the public meetings. Reporters were often left to scour garbage bins in hopes of finding clues on key amendments. No, we are not talking about North Korea, Iraq or the former Soviet Union. We are talking about Columbus Ohio.

Recently, State Senator Kevin Coughlin hosted such a secret meeting. He wants to legalize casino gambling in Ohio. He asked a few colleagues who agree with him and a gambling lobbyist to join the meeting. It is called a working group – where they are working to change the laws you voted on – in direct defiance to your vote.

And they are doing it behind closed doors.

Such is the nature of mixing big money and politics. When a very small group of people control a very large amount of money they didn’t earn – trouble is on the way.

Especially when they think they can make their decisions when no one is watching. But we are watching. If you’d like to contact Senator Coughlan call us at 1-800-522-VOTE.

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