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Gun to Your Head

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Ohio Roundtable: The Public Square - A Gun to Your Head

A Gun to Your Head

Ever wonder what if would feel like to have a gun to your head? Don't look now, but you do.

In the private sector its called extortion. That's when one person uses force to get you to pay for something against your will. At the Ohio Statehouse they call that behavior leadership.

Our state lawmakers have cooked up a budget that spends more money than ever before. Somewhere around 48 billion dollars over the next two years. That's about 4 billion more than they spent in the last budget.

Of course they couldn't afford the last budget so they raised taxes to cover the debt. This time around they want to raise state sales taxes by 20% to cover the increased deficits.

Do they need that much money? I don't think so - but you can surely decide that for yourself.  One thing is for certain - they are going to raise your sales taxes by 20% unless you vote in November to open seven racetrack casinos in Ohio. Yes, that's right. If you vote to turn seven racetracks into casinos and take Ohio into a class III gambling state they will repeal your 20% state sales tax increase.

Will the racetrack revenues offset the sales tax? Nobody thinks so but no big deal.
The legislature will just keep expanding gambling, opening new casinos, cutting new deals with tribal casinos, who knows, maybe even opening a statehouse casino - don't worry - they'll get the money.

And if you don't give the lawmakers and their racetrack friends their new casinos? They will keep charging you 20% more for every taxable purchase you make. And if they get really mad - maybe they'll charge you more. And that's what it feels to have a gun to your head. Do what we demand - or else.

If you are tired of political extortion give them a call today.

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