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Hats off to the Salvation Army

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Ohio Roundtable: The Public Square - Hats off to the Salvation Army

Hats off to the Salvation Army

Would you have the courage to turn down a free gift of $100,000?

Hats off to the Salvation Army in Marco Island, Florida. They recently turned down a $100,000 legal contribution from a winner of the state lottery. In an official statement they said they could not take the money while at the same time working to help restore families whose lives had been ruined by gambling addictions. Now, how about that?

As an employee of a non-profit organization I can tell you that checks for $100,000 don't come across your desk very often. A check that size can help you expand your staff, reach more people, can feed more hungry children, educate those in desperate need and pay a lot of overdue bills. Turning down that kind of money takes courage and such courage should be recognized, celebrated, and supported.

Wouldn't it be great if a few thousand people all across Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and across America wrote checks to the Salvation Army in Marco Island to let them know that there are still people who honor those with integrity. What a message that would send?

Do you still believe in happy endings?  I do. My wife and I are writing a check. The Ohio Roundtable is writing a check.

Feel free to copy this information for your family, friends, church and anybody you know. Wouldn't it be great if those good folks in Florida discovered that people, churches and businesses all over the nation are still willing to stand with an honest man? 

Contact Information for the Naples Salvation Army
The Salvation Army
3180 Estey Ave., Naples, FL 34104
Mail Address P.O. Box 8209, 34101-8209
Phone (941) 775-9447
Fax (941) 775-9732

Contact Information for the Ohio Roundtable
Ohio Roundtable
11288 Alameda Drive
Strongsville, OH 44149
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