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A Daughter's Request

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Ohio Roundtable: The Public Square - A Daughter's Request

A Daughter's Request

"Recently I heard your broadcast. The man you were talking about is my father."

You've heard the story about an Ohio man who is in legal trouble for scamming hundreds of E-bay customers then using their checking accounts to set up on-line gambling accounts. He gambled away thousands of dollars before the police finally caught up with him.

We received a letter from this man's daughter. She wanted to thank us for telling his story and warning people about the phenomenal dangers of gambling addictions. She told us how difficult it was to hear the story on the radio but thanked us for "not portraying my father as a horrible criminal." Her dad, she said, was just a normal guy who always took care of his family, her parents, normal people whose lives had been totally ruined by gambling in the past two years.

And she made two very specific requests. The first is that we would pray for her dad who is now enrolled in Gamblers Anonymous. The second is that we would keep telling his and now her story as well and the real facts behind the illusions of legalized gambling.

Back in 1990 when we first launched a campaign against expanded gambling we would hear these stories every now and then. Today we hear them every week. The toll of the false promise of legalized gambling is growing every single day.

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