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Something to Rant About

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Ohio Roundtable: The Public Square - Something to Rant About

Something to Rant About

Do you ever wish there were an issue you could just rant and rave about?

The Ohio Turnpike. We all need it. It's vital to the economy of Ohio and neighboring states. The taxpayers cover all the costs. So if the Turnpike Commission is going to make a significant change it would seem that the needs of the people should be considered, right?

Well, the Turnpike Commission is changing the exits on the turnpike. They used to be numbered one through 17 starting in the West and traveling to the East.
Now they will be identified solely by their mile markers. So exit 10 will now be exit 161.
So what's the point?

First of all those of us who have been driving the turnpike for the last 30 years or more - we don't like change. Fine, call us old and cranky, but why in the world do we need to try and remember mile marker exits when the good old one, two, three system has worked for a generation.

Secondly, why do we need the change? The Turnpike Commission says its number one reason is: to keep consistent with federal standards. That's where the ranting and raving comes in.

We have federal education standards, federal food and drug standards, federal standards on children's pajamas, postage stamps, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. Why in the world do we need another federal standard to tell us how to label turnpike exits when we have been getting on and off the highway quite well for a generation or two?

Why do we have to pay for meaningless changes simply to make more sense out of the piles of paper on the desks of more bureaucrats?

All this nonsense wouldn't be quite so painful except that we're the ones who pay for all of it.

Ranting concluded. You may now return to your normal radio listening experience.

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