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Winning in the Supreme Court

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Ohio Roundtable: The Public Square - Winning in the Supreme Court

Winning in the Supreme Court

So what's it like to win the really big one at the US Supreme Court?

So what's it like to win the really big one at the US Supreme Court? Different than you might expect. For the past six years we have been fighting the school choice legal wars against the ACLU. Six different courtrooms, six unique challenges.

Now the legal war is over. We split the decisions 3-3. The tiebreaker went to the side that won the last argument before the United States Supreme Court. That one went to the State of Ohio in favor of the voucher program. And the difference after six years and a few hundred thousand pages of paper, filings, and frequent flyer miles all came down to a single vote. One single vote will now influence millions of lives for years to come.

During the wait for the Supreme Court decision we tried to do everything possible to prepare for a loss. On occasion we slipped into a daydream of what a win might look like. One real surprise about winning is this there is no time to celebrate. That's right. Within 15 minutes of the decision our phones started ringing and life has become a string of debates, news conferences and interviews ever since.

It's not because we won. It's because the opponents of school choice have mobilized a major media campaign to minimize their loss. And everywhere the NEA and the ACLU go these days the press seems sure to follow.

If you'd like an update on this landmark decision please call us today at 1-800-522-VOTE.

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